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Agility is my favorite venue. It is a sport where you direct your dog through a preset course of obstacles trying to complete each obstacle quickly and successfully. The course is set the day of the trial and the human member of the team has a chance to walk through the course and plan a strategy. You get one chance with your dog on the course. It's a very fun exercise in training and team work. A standard agility course can consists of single, double and triple bar jumps, tunnels, a-frame, dog-walk, weave poles, teeter totter (seesaw), closed tunnel (chute), table and tire jump.

Sammy was my first agility dog, we started training for agility the Summer of 2005. My goal at the time was to compete in Wags for Wishes the following year. I am happy to say that Wags ended up being our second agility trial! Sammy loved agility. When we were out there working he was always having the greatest time which was very evident by his smile. Thanks to Sammy I am forever hooked on the sport. 

Barley and I started training the Summer of 2006, he made his debut in March of 2007. He flew through the levels and is now competing in the Excellent level. In 2010 he earned both his MACH1 and MACH2! That is quite the accomplishment! He loves agility and barks his enjoyment whenever he is on the startline. Barley retired from agility at 10 years old after earning his MACH4 and PACH along the way.

Mira started working on foundation skills for agility right when she came home. I learned all about training a puppy for agility, there are many skills you can teach a young dog. She made her debut into the ring July 2009 with 9 out of 10 Qualifying runs, placing each time. She went through Novice with a 100% rate earning a High in Trial in her first trial! She is proving to be an agility star giving her all every time she runs! Mira now has her MACH9 and has competed in three National Agility Championships.

Mira's daughter Lindy is my first homebred agility dog. We were fortunate to get into a fantastic puppy class at 4 months old and we have been training ever since. She has been an absolute joy to train and run. She was a very quick study and earned her MX/MXJ titles before she turned two and her MACH before she turned three.

Roux is my current agility puppy, he is the offspring of one of the most talented agility Goldens in the country. I am excited for our future!

We have enjoyed taking formal agility classes with a number of wonderful instructors listed below. We are currently training with Nancy Gyes in San Jose, CA at Power Paws. We also have some fun agility toys at home that the pups are always excited to practice on. We get together with friends and set up courses whenever we have the time and a place!

   Bob Long - Spring Valley, CA
   Debby Wheeler - Escondido, CA
   Lauri Plummer - Petaluma, CA (Leap Dog Agility)
   Nancy Gyes - San Jose, CA (Power Paws)

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